Nordic Clays SkeetMaster Auto Load Clay Thrower


SkeetMaster is an automatic, stationary clay pigeon thrower, which is programmed with a number of fixed programs, which can be used with a wireless remote control. Currently it has the following four programs; Single, doubles, Skeet & Nordic trap.

SkeetMaster is easy to transport and only weighs 37 kg including the magazines, during transport the magazines are dismantled and weigh 5.5 kg without pigeons per magazine. The automatic clay thrower is produced in stainless steel, that can withstand all types of weather.

The convenient material choice together with the clay throwers modest weight, makes it possible for the shooter to take the SkeetMaster almost anywhere in nature. This provides the optimal surroundings for a more natural and challenging clay pigeon practice, where you can challenge yourself and your abilities in the best possible way.

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Product Details


    • Compact and portable design
    • Fire vertically 0-80 degrees & horisontally 0-160 degrees
    • Built-in battery (up to 2000 launches per charge)
    • 4 different launch programs
      • Single
      • Doubles
      • Skeet
      • Nordic Trap
    • Launch interval of 4 seconds
    • Equipped with two magazines, with up 200 clay pigeons in each (400 total)
    • Fire the pigeons at up to 70 km/h and a distance of 100 m
    • Does not require fixed mounting or any other installation
    • Produced in stainless steel to withstand any type of weather